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For questions or comments to the OS/OCIO, or to provide general feedback on the Web site, please send an email with your question to

Commerce Directory
In the table below you will find contact information for OCIO Programs and Services, Organizations and IT Groups. Additional contact information for Department of Commerce agencies, offices, and personnel can be found in the DOC Person Finder.

Programs and Services
Category POC Email Phone
e-CPIC Paul Linz (202) 482-3966
E-Government Jennifer Jessup (202) 482-0266
Electronic & IT Accessibility Jennifer Jessup (202) 482-0266
Enterprise Architecture Tom Pennington (202) 482-5899
Forms Management Jennifer Jessup (202) 482-0517
Good Guidance - Information Quality Jennifer Jessup (202) 482-0266
IQ Task Force Administrator Jennifer Jessup (202) 482-0266
IT Capital Planning & Investment Control Stuart Simon (202) 482-0275
IT Policy, Guidance & Legislation Jerry Harper (202) 482-0266
IT Privacy Jennifer Jessup (202) 482-0266
IT Security Tim Hurr (202) 482-4708
IT Workforce Jerry Harper (202) 482-0222
Paperwork Reduction Act Jennifer Jessup (202) 482-0266
FAC PPM Gordon Keller (202) 482-2490
Policy and Programs Jerry Harper (202) 482-0266
Project Management Terri Ware (202) 482-3138
Records Management Wendy Couch (202) 482-4559
CIO Organization
Office POC Email Phone
Chief Information Officer (CIO) Steven I. Cooper (202) 482-4797
Deputy Chief Information Officer Izella Dornell (202) 482-4797
Deputy Chief Information Officer & Chief Technology Officer Kirit Amin (202) 482-4444
Office of IT Policy & Planning Jerry Harper (202) 482-0222
Office of Cyber Security Rod Turk (202) 482-4708
Office of Information Technology Services Ricardo Farraj-Feijoo (202) 482-0941
Commerce IT Groups
Group POC Email Phone
CIO Council Gordon Keller ((202) 482-0266
Commerce Investment Review Board (IRB) Terri Ware (202) 482-3138
Enterprise Architecture Advisory Group Tom Pennington (202) 482-5899
IT Security Coordinating Committee Rod Turk (202) 482-4708
Web Advisory Council Linel Soto (202) 482-4990
Electronic and IT Accessibility Coordinators Jennifer Jessup (202) 482-0266
Information Quality Task Force Jennifer Jessup (202) 482-0266