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Information Quality Report for FY 2009




Attached is the FY09 IQ reporting template for you to use to compile your DRAFT agency reports. Please fill out your draft template using this Excel workbook. No other formats will be accepted.

Please note that this Excel workbook has 5 sheets (Instructions plus Sections I-IV. Each sheet contains a different section that must be filled out. Sections III and IV will require you to fill out a new form for each correction request you received. We have supplied 10 repeating forms for Section III and 5 repeating forms for Section IV. If you should need more, please contact OMB for assistance. You can delete any forms you do not need.

If your agency received no correction requests in FY09 and had no outstanding requests from FY03-FY07 or FY08 you need only to fill out Sections I and II of this form.


In sections III and IV you will need to fill out a unique form for each correction request you received.


Please do not post your draft reports on your webpages until OMB review is complete.


Please send all completed draft IQ reports (DUE BY DECEMBER 15, 2009) electronically to:


If you should have questions or problems, please contact Dr. Nancy Beck at OMB.


Phone # 202-395-3258