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Office of IT Policy & Planning

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The Office of Information Technology (IT) Policy and Planning is responsible for multiple activities in information technology (IT) management.  It coordinates the development and review of policies and procedures for management and use of IT resources, including all computing, telecommunications, and associated resources; administers the Department's multi-year strategic information resources planning process, including developing and administering the Department's Strategic IT Plan; coordinates selection, control, and evaluation reviews of IT initiatives and other proposals, including support to the Commerce IT Review Board in conducting such reviews; oversees and coordinates activities regarding the E-Government Act including IT privacy, Paperwork Reduction Act, Federal Information Quality Act, and the accessibility provisions of the Rehabilitation Act; directs the Department’s Records Management Program; coordinates Office of the Chief Information Officer involvement in IT workforce issues, working closely with the Departmental Office of Human Resources Management on IT recruitment and training; and manages other related IT management programs.

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